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Cobra King Cobra Snakebite Wedge - Store Display Demo

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What is a Store Display?

These items, often referred to as "floor models," are typically the physical products that have been showcased on the sales floor for customers to see and interact with. The plastic may be removed, but the clubs condition is 9.9/10 or 10/10. They are practically brand new! There will be no deficiencies in performance or errors in aesthetics. All Store Displays come with headcovers. 

The KING COBRA Wedge features a nostalgic throwback KING COBRA, reminiscent of the rich history and evolution of the brand. The wedge features a new SNAKEBITE groove design (in traditional & full face groove lengths) that is engineered to maximize spin and fittingly produce more ‘BITE’ around the greens.

A new SNAKEBITE groove design uses a re-engineered cutting method that replaces tools more frequently to tighten groove tolerances, maximize groove volume, and create the sharpest and most accurate groove possible. The new design results in 11% deeper grooves, and 40% sharper groove edges to impart maximum spin on the ball.

Traditional Grooves

Traditional grooves are narrower and deeper to optimize spin on lower lofted wedges that are used with a square or delofted face. Lofts 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°

Full-Face Grooves

Wider and shallower full-face grooves that extend to the toe create more spin on shots with an open face when the ball is more likely to make contact with the toe area. Lofts 56°, 58°, 60°


Heel and toe relief provides versatility to play shots with an open face, while a center notch keeps the leading edge closer to the ground without adding effective bounce. For shallow/neutral/digger golf swings. Turf conditions: medium/firm

A wide, low bounce sole works its magic out of soft bunkers and medium rough, preventing the leading edge from digging. For neutral/digger golf swings. Turf conditions: soft/medium.

A medium-width sole high bounce and trailing edge relief works well for neutral to steeper swings and variety of course conditions. With minimal heel and toe relief, this grind is best suited for full swing and longer pitch shots. For neutral/digger golf swings. Turf conditions: soft/medium/firm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Since I've started taking golf more seriously, and playing more often, I've noticed a need for some equipment. Specifically, I needed to get my wedges in order and adding this 60 degree has already made a difference. I love how easy this club is to hit, how easily the ball gets into the air and most of all, how quickly it stops on the green. I had noticed that my 58 degree wedge had a much longer roll out distance before stopping and I needed to do something about it. This club is perfect for shots around the green and has helped me out of some tough spots!


Adding this wedge to my bag is something I wish I had done a long time ago! It gives me a lot more confidence and flexibility around the greens
and on short-range approach shots. It's a beautiful club to look at too and feels great to hit. I'm very pleased!

Jonathan Brown
Beautiful Club

Just what the doctor ordered! After foolishly trying to use a Smithworks wedge, which did nothing but chew golf balls to pieces, I ordered this club from GolfVault because I have had so much success with the equipment I've purchased here in the past. And once again, this wedge did not disappoint and is like magic around the greens. WIthin 2 rounds, this has become my favorite club to use!