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ROVR D2 Manual Electric Cart

2 Year Warranty on Battery and Cart

The ROVR D2 is a non-remote (or direct control cart).  It is built on the same new frame as the R2, but does not include an anti-tip wheel.


• New High Tech EZ-Fold Stainless Steel Frame with Stainless Steel Components
• Light Powerful, Noiseless Motors
• Manual seamless Rheostat Speed Control with Battery Charge Indicator
• Cruise Control Button - press this Button after you stop and your ROVR automatically goes back to your regular speed
• High Tech Composite, Rubberized Front and Wide Track Rear Drive Wheels
•Preset distance function: 10, 20, 30 yards
• USB charging port under handle to charge your phone/gps etc.


• 12v 200w motors
• 14.4V, 288Wh lithium battery
• max speed: 8km/h
• max load: 30kg
• climbing capacity: 30 degrees
• electric brake and go/stop function
• 10m,20m,30m distance function
• 1-9 speeds to choose from

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Glenn Taylor

ROVR D2 Manual Electric Cart


Good value for the money

Robin Bouchard

Excellent deaal

Connie Reynolds
Great cart

This lightweight cart seems sturdy enough, well balanced and has lots of power. It also folds compactly into my car. I like that travel bag extra too for putting the cart in after my round to keep the inside of my car clean :)

Sally Dobler

The cart seems sturdy enough. The umbrella holder doesn't look like it's going to last very long...small teeth aren't going to hold it very securely and the holder itself is very small, had to get a new umbrella to fit into it. I think the battery setup in my old Powacaddy Sport was better, nothing to plug in each time. But it's a good cart for the price!!